Plato’s Cave 22: The Cost of Living

Death and Horus are old friends; this happens a lot.

In case it isn’t clear, Death is offering to not claim the Minotaur if Horus pays a sufficient bribe- I mean, “administrative fee.” The exact value sufficient for that purpose is flexible, apparently.


Plato’s Cave 21: Finding Minos


That’s it for the tribute comics for now. I started making one for Non Sequiter as well, but it was mainly Capn’ Eddie, and was firmly in the realm of fan art. There’s a narrow line there somewhere.

I’ve a new character to introduce next week! I can’t wait!

Plato’s Cave: Watterson Tribute

PlatosCave Watterson

This strip may not look complex, but trying to emulate Bill Watterson’s style from “Calvin and Hobbes” is daunting, in the drawing and in the writing. His comic was a work of art – AND a constant gold mine of philosophical musings. I’ve been trying to match the styles and humor of these artists as closely as I can in these tribute comics, but this one gave me fits to get right – and it really doesn’t measure up.


Odd Birds

Therioencephaly was all the rage. All the cool kids were doing it.

Of eight bird-headed deities in the Egyptian pantheon, six of them are falcon-headed. I’ve been drawing Horus as something closer to a toucan or hornbill, because he looked better that way.

I’m completely unrepentant about that, by the way. As far as I’m concerned, the Egyptians showed a singular lack of imagination and taste when depicting their gods.

There was also a bull (no relation to Minos), a cat, a hippo, a crocodile, at least one lioness, and Set. We have no idea what Set was, but he was an embarrassment to the family.