Technically, the shadow of Horus, cast on the wall of Plato’s hypothetical cave by the Light of Pure Reason. It’s that kind of webcomic.

Fond of explaining. Has only one eye. Worked as a mall Santa Claus after the war. Stole Tom Baker’s scarf.

The real Horus has shown up once already, though he looked more like a toucan than a falcon.



The Bull of Minos passed on, due to his sisters’ treachery and poor taste in men. However, the Ideal Form of a Minotaur is an immortal concept; so we are stuck with him. I figured if the Ideal Forms were anywhere, they’d all be in the nooks and crannies of Plato’s cave, lurking ineffably in the darkness. This is the shadow of the Ideal Form of the Minotaur, Asterion, who did not survive to be included; you might say he’s just a shadow of his former self.

Fond of hay, short answers, knock-knock jokes, and open spaces. This isn’t the right webcomic for him.


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