So, that was fun.

Well, that was all the comics I had written. I’ve got the idea for one or two more, but they are heavy on the drawing and not fully written yet. Looks like I don’t have a comic to post this Saturday.

Sorry about that. Hopefully, I’ll have something for you next weekend.


Saturday updates, for a while…

I can’t believe I’ve sat on these comic ideas for almost two years. Time to shake things up a little. I’ve made a few Plato’s Cave comics in the styles of my favorite comic artists, both as an exercise in drawing and storytelling and as a bit of a tribute to some very talented people.

I’ve scheduled them to show up on Saturdays at 6:00AM central time. We’ll see how long it lasts.


Odd Birds

Therioencephaly was all the rage. All the cool kids were doing it.

Of eight bird-headed deities in the Egyptian pantheon, six of them are falcon-headed. I’ve been drawing Horus as something closer to a toucan or hornbill, because he looked better that way.

I’m completely unrepentant about that, by the way. As far as I’m concerned, the Egyptians showed a singular lack of imagination and taste when depicting their gods.

There was also a bull (no relation to Minos), a cat, a hippo, a crocodile, at least one lioness, and Set. We have no idea what Set was, but he was an embarrassment to the family.